If you need additional time to stabilize your medical condition before going home, consider the medical center’s Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU).

The ARU provides 24/7 medical monitoring and intensive rehabilitation in a facility that simulates the home environment.

This helps you return home with the training and confidence needed to handle daily activities such as dressing, washing and eating.

The Acute Rehabilitation Unit provides:

  • Intensive physical, speech and occupational therapy
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Daily monitoring by a rehabilitation medicine physician
  • Private rooms
  • Specialized services as needed

The ARU staff will meet with you to determine your goals, and then they design a therapy program to help you work toward those goals.

Staff also works with family members and caregivers, who will continue with the therapy once you've been discharged.

A typical stay in the ARU can last from two to four weeks.

ARU Services

Physician Monitoring
The physicians of EvergreenHealth’s Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic evaluate and manage the care for stroke patients on the ARU. 

Rehabilitation Nursing
Nurses with special training in rehabilitation provide 24/7 monitoring of your medical condition and handle administration of any medications. They also offer training for you and your family in bowel/bladder management, medications and nutritional needs.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapists will help you maximize your functional mobility and overall safety during  mobility. They'll assist and educate you on proper body mechanics to increase strength and endurance and improve coordination, balance and range of motion.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists will show you how to regain your independence with activities of daily living such as feeding yourself, bathing, dressing and toileting. 

Speech Therapy
Speech pathologists will evaluate and treat any problems with swallowing, speaking, comprehension and social interaction.

Dietitians will monitor your diet and make suggestions for any special dietary needs. They will also work with you and your family on diet modifications to help prevent future strokes.

Social Work
A social worker will help you and your family develop a plan for after discharge care, including continuing therapy on an outpatient basis. They can also assist with ordering any necessary equipment, braces or adaptive devices.

What to Expect | What to Bring

Who is eligible for the Acute Rehabilitation Unit?

To qualify for admission to the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, you must:

  • Be able to participate in three hours of intense therapy each day.
  • Need 24/7 nursing care to monitor your medical condition, changes in medications and safety getting out of bed.
  • Need close monitoring by a physician.

Admission to the ARU requires a physician’s referral. Once the referral is received, our admission staff will obtain proper insurance verification and pre-authorization.

For more information, or to inquire about a referral, please call 425.899.2549.

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