When choosing a doctor, it's always been helpful to ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Now you can get feedback from a much wider community.

Physician Star Ratings

Image of the physician star ratings displayThe EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute is pleased to provide you with real-time star ratings and comments about our providers to help you make informed choices when seeking medical care.

The ratings and comments come from patients, like you, who have had appointments with our providers. We feel that feedback from actual patients present a better reflection of patient satisfaction.

This is different from ratings you see on sites such as Yelp, Google or Healthgrades, where ratings and comments can be left by anyone – whether they’ve seen the provider or not.

The ratings on our website are also more statistically accurate, as they are calculated from a larger number of reviews than sites that show only a handful of reviews.

Under our physician profiles, you’ll find their star rating along with the number of reviews and comments that have been received. Click on the link and you’ll see a breakdown of the star ratings and be able to read any comments.

Why don’t all providers on the EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute website show ratings?
Only providers employed by the EvergreenHealth Medical Group (EHMG) are included in the ratings. We don’t have access to the data for independent providers.

Why don’t we see patient ratings and comments for every EHMG provider?
Ratings don’t display until a provider has received a minimum of 30 completed patient surveys, so some of our new providers may not show ratings right away.

The provider has been in practice for years; why doesn’t he/she have the minimum of 30 completed surveys?
While the provider may have been practicing for some time, they may be a new member of the employed EvergreenHealth Medical Group. Once these providers are set up on the patient satisfaction survey, and have accrued the minimum 30 reviews, their ratings will show.

Who administers the patient survey that calculates the ratings?
Patients seen by EHMG physicians are randomly selected to receive a survey. Surveys are sent through the mail or emailed shortly after appointments. These surveys are submitted through Press Ganey, a leading independent performance measurement company for hospitals.

What questions are asked in the survey?
Patients are asked to respond with very good, good, fair, poor and very poor to these questions.

  • During your most recent visit, did this provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?
  • During your most recent visit, did this provider listen carefully to you?
  • Did you talk with this provider about any health questions or concerns?
  • Did this provider give you easy to understand instructions about taking care of these health problems or concerns?
  • Did this provider seem to know the important information about your medical history?
  • Did this provider show respect for what you had to say?

Overall Rating Question

  • Using any number from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst provider possible and 10 is the best provider possible, what number would you use to rate this provider?

Hospital Rankings

image of the Healthgrades 2017 awards for 100 Best Hospitals and Distinguished Hospital for Clinical ExcellenceHealthgrades, a leading national hospital review organization, has ranked EvergreenHealth Medical Center as one of the 100 Best Hospitals in the United States, placing it in the top 2% of hospitals in the country.

Healthgrades has also designated EvergreenHealth Medical Center as a Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence for 2017. This is the eighth time EvergreenHealth has achieved this designation - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.