Overcoming Obstacles with Optimism

Treatment:  Spine surgery and rehab

After a near-fatal mountain biking accident, Mike McHenry defied the odds with a positive attitude and world-class care.  Read Mike's story.

Image of Mike McHenry, whose traumatic spine injury was repaired by advanced spinal surgery at EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine and Orthopedic Institute near Seattle in Kirkland, WA.

A Proactive Approach to Addressing Pain

Treatment:  Rest, then exercise

Deborah DeYoung had success with physical therapy in the past, and it seemed to alleviate her back pain at first. However, when it returned even stronger, she sought help from her primary care provider who referred DeYoung to Dr. Alison Stout at EvergreenHealth Sport & Spine Care. Read Deborah's story.

Image of back pain patient Deborah DeYoung

Patient-Centered Care Brings Relief and Hope

Treatment: Injections to relieve pain

Kenny Alhadeff's life has been illuminated with rewarding opportunities to care for his community, but a decade of severe, chronic back pain threatened to dim the luster that surrounded the 66-year-old’s positive outlook. Read Kenny's story.

image of back pain patient Kenny Alhadeff

From the Operating Room to the Finish Line

Treatment: Minimally invasive spine surgery

Harley Lang embraced endurance sports and physical exercise to combat a corporate lifestyle. So when the 41-year-old began to experience pain in his neck, he wasn’t ready to slow down. Read Harley's story.

Image of neck pain patient Harley Land

Fixing Scoliosis with Minimally Invasive Surgery

Treatment: Minimally invasive spine surgery

Christine Simpson had lived with severe scoliosis since she was diagnosed at age 17. Christine had not one, but two curves - one in her upper back and one in her lower back. Read Christine's story.

image of scoliosis patient Christine Simpson

Having Fun at Disney World - 3 Months after Spine Surgery

Treatment: Minimally invasive spine surgery

Karyl Lee Olels was no stranger to surgery, having had both hips replaced and work done on her rotator cuff. But there didn’t seem to be any answer for the back problems that had plagued her for years. Read Karyl Lee's story.

image of back pain patient Karyl Lee Olels