On Mar. 5, 2018, we moved to a new billing statement.

This means that for a brief time, we will have two separate online payment links - one for the old billing statement and one for the new billing statement.

Start by finding the bill payment links for your statement:

If you received a statement from EvergreenHealth Hospital Billing:

This would cover services such as inpatient stays and outpatient procedures such as lab work or diagnostic imaging.

Go to the EvergreenHealth Hospital Billing page > 

If you received a statement from EvergreenHealth Professional Billing:

This would cover services from EvergreenHealth employed physicians in primary and specialty care. 

Go to the EvergreenHealth Professional Billing page >  

Facility Charges

EvergreenHealth bills a facility fee for visits to its clinics that are considered hospital-based. Read more about our facility charges.

Other Bills

Some imaging, lab and anesthesia services may have been performed by other groups that are separate businesses with their own billing and account procedures.

If you receive a bill from them and have questions about it, please contact them directly.

425.822.8888 - Matrix Anesthesia
800.845.6167 - LabCorp
888.927.8023 - Radia