Nonsurgical treatment options provide relief from back pain in vast majority of our patients.

That’s why our specialists begin with a conservative treatment approach, using the least invasive techniques possible to reduce your back pain.  

Initial stages of treatment may include activity modification, modalities such as heat and ice, and over the counter medications may treat mild to moderate pain.  

If the pain does not improve, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage may be added.  

Also in certain cases, such as ruptured discs or in patients with pain that does not improve other conservative measures, image guided spinal injections may provide benefit to improve pain and function.

Below are links to further information on the nonsurgical treatment options available at the EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute:

Activity Modifications 

Modifying or taking a break from an activity that aggravates inflammation can often give the inflammation time to heal. Learn more about activity modification

Physical Therapy

Exercises can strengthen and stretch muscles that support the spine. Physical therapy also helps reduce pain, improve movement and help prevent future back problems. Learn more about physical therapy

Anti-inflammatory Medications

Using these medications to reduce your pain can help give other longer-term treatments—such as physical therapy—a chance to work. Learn more about anti-inflammatory medications

Referral to Alternative Treatment Options

We'll refer and coordinate chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, aqua therapy and acupuncture to address the source of your pain. Learn more about referral to alternative treatment options

Interventional Treatment Options 

Our specialists are leaders in using X-ray and ultrasound-guided injections for pain relief. Learn more about interventional treatment options and nonsurgical spine procedures.

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