The spine specialists at the EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute have been using minimally invasive procedures to treat spine patients for many years.

If your doctor recommends a minimally invasive treatment, you may have some questions. Some of most frequently asked questions about minimally invasive surgery include:

Can all spine conditions be treated with minimally invasive surgery?

Our team at the EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute prefers to use nonsurgical methods to treat spine conditions such as physical therapy, massage therapy, injections and acupuncture whenever possible.

When surgery is needed, our surgeons treat nine out of 10 patients using minimally invasive treatment. A very small number of cases require traditional or “open” surgery.

How long is recovery after spine surgery?

One of the benefits to minimally invasive surgery is that it offers similar or better outcomes to traditional surgery with less recovery time.

Minimally invasive procedures only require small incisions, meaning fewer complications for the patient and a faster recovery.

Many patients go home the same day as their procedures and return to normal activities within a few days to a couple of weeks after surgery.

Do all surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery?

Many surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery, however not all surgeons have the same level of training or expertise with these advanced procedures.
If you are scheduled for minimally invasive surgery, it is important to ask your surgeon questions such as:

  • How many years of experience do you have with minimally invasive surgery?
  • Are you board-certified and fellowship trained?
  • Do you have a multi-disciplinary care team supporting you during surgery?
  • Do your patients typically achieve their desired outcomes after surgery?
  • What are your quality and patient safety ratings?

The surgeons at the EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute are industry leaders in minimally invasive surgery, completing some of the country’s most prestigious fellowship programs in surgery.

In fact, our surgeons have trained other healthcare professionals from across the country on our minimally invasive techniques.

How important is advanced technology to ensuring a good outcome with minimally invasive surgery? 

Technology does matter when it comes to minimally invasive surgery.

Every day, new technology is changing how minimally invasive surgery is performed. Fortunately, this is leading to less recovery time, smaller incisions and fewer complications for patients.

At the EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute, we are pioneers in offering our patients the most advanced minimally invasive techniques.

This technology, along with the expertise of our spine specialists, offers benefits to our patients that are unmatched at other healthcare facilities.

We invite you to learn more about minimally invasive surgery at EvergreenHealth and how it is helping patients return to what they love.

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