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Lumbar Procedures

Only a small percentage of people with spine, back and neck pain have conditions that require surgery.

If you're one of the few people who do, a minimally invasive procedure can help reduce or eliminate your pain.

We specialize in minimally invasive surgery, which requires smaller incisions. This means less pain and a quicker recovery for you.

Other key benefits are:

  • Little to no scarring
  • Less damage to surrounding tissues
  • Reduced pain
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Better long-term results
  • Fewer complications and revisions

In minimally invasive surgery, we're able to access hard-to-reach areas through tiny incisions.

Using specialized instruments, we can see the exact positioning of the surgical instruments on a high-definition monitor.

These advanced tools, along with the surgeons' expertise, mean we perform the procedures more accurately, with better results.

The most common minimally invasive procedures we perform include:

Lumbar Decompression

Decompression procedures are used to treat spinal stenosis.

A small incision is made in the back during lumbar decompression surgery.

The muscles and tissues are then moved aside versus traditional surgery where they are cut and torn, reducing recovery time.

At EvergreenHealth, we offer:

Lumbar Spinal Fusion

This procedure fuses together two or more vertebrae using a bone graft.

At EvergreenHealth, we offer the following types of lumbar spinal fusions:

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