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Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs

EvergreenHealth's outpatient rehabilitation programs provide necessary care and therapy as you continue the road to recovery from illness, injury or surgery.

You can even have virtual visits for certain appointment types.


Our specialty care programs provide a full range of outpatient services, including some not typically seen in a hospital rehabilitation setting.

Orthopedics and General Rehabilitation

Neurological Therapy

Specialty Care Programs

Why choose EvergreenHealth Outpatient Rehab?

Care by licensed therapists. We take pride in providing hands-on, one-on-one care with a licensed therapist for your entire appointment. At most other rehab centers, the majority of your time is spent with aides or personal trainers.

Comprehensive care. All of our therapies—physical, occupational, speech and physiatry—are located in the same facility. This means the therapists collaborate to provide care that is individualized for you and keeps moving you toward your goals. If you are dealing with coping issues, we also offer neuropsychology counseling. If secondary issues develop, such as pain, swelling or incontinence, we can refer directly to other EvergreenHealth programs for care.

Team approach. With all therapies available under one roof, staff can talk with each other and help point out concerns and offer suggestions. We also make sure that we aren’t overlapping services, or neglecting an area of therapy. This might go unnoticed when the therapies are done at different locations.

Monthly reviews. Therapists from all disciplines meet monthly with our medical director, a physician specializing in rehabilitation medicine, to discuss your progress and decide on the best next steps for you.

Scheduling. If you are using multiple therapies, we do our best to schedule everything for one convenient trip.

To Make An Appointment

425.899.1960 Orthopedic, general, vestibular or lymphedema therapy
425.899.3100 Neurological rehabilitation
425.899.3140 Neuropsychological services

Most insurance companies require a referral from a physician or allied health care provider to begin rehabilitation services.

Ask your provider to complete and sign our referral form.

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