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Recovery After Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is life-changing surgery. Let EvergreenHealth help you get the most benefit from it for years to come with our long-term follow-up care and support.

Following the activity and medication instructions in your Patient Passport, you and your care provider will be well prepared to manage the recovery period at home. You'll have access to all the patient education information in your Patient Passport as well as the information provided by our virtual online patient engagement platform, which will deliver information electronically on a specific schedule.

Some patients will need to use EvergreenHealth Home Care services after discharge from the hospital. Patients using EvergreenHealth Home Care for their follow-up care can be monitored right in their homes by our well-trained home health nurses. For information about this service, please contact EvergreenHealth Home Care at (425)-899-3300.


Trust that your rehabilitation will be tailored to your specific needs, goals, and preferences. You'll start physical therapy the day of surgery and start to move with your new joint to relieve postsurgical pain. Occupational therapy will teach you everyday tasks, like dressing safely and moving around your home to avoid injury, as you recover.

Before you leave the hospital or surgery center, if needed, we'll plan for you to keep seeing therapists through home care for the first couple of weeks after you arrive home or one of EvergreenHealth's convenient rehabilitation locations for the next few months. Your therapists will keep your doctor updated about your progress as your joint heals and gains strength.

You will also be able to sign up for at-home physical therapy through our partner Luna, which allows us to bring highly trained experts to your home, work or gym. This is physical therapy tailored to your schedule to help you get healthy and living well while still getting used to your new joint replacement.

Your therapists will keep your doctor updated at every step of the way on your progress as your joint heals and gains strength.

When Can I Return to Activities?

You'll gradually increase your activity level depending on your type of surgery. Learn about recovery milestones for:

Follow-Up Care

Follow-up care helps you make the most progress, stay in good health, and get answers to your questions. Expect a check-in call from us on your third day at home, and see us in person at these points after surgery:

  • Two weeks
  • Six weeks
  • One year
  • Five years
  • 10 years

After 10 years, visit your surgeon every other year. Between appointments, call us any time you have a concern. Count on your surgical team for complete advice and personalized care that helps you achieve your best outcome.

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