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After Joint Replacement Surgery

Many joint replacement patients go home the day of surgery, but if an overnight stay is necessary after your surgery, you'll recover in a special orthopedic unit in our Silver Tower, with easy access to all the services you need. You and your loved ones will have time to connect and keep each other company because in this family-centered space, guests are always welcome.

Complete Care for Your Recovery

Stay in one convenient, comfortable place while benefiting from:

  • Nutrition therapy to help your body heal after surgery
  • Rehabilitation that teaches you how to start moving your new joint and do everyday tasks as you recover
  • Social services and case management that work to ensure you have equipment, support, and follow-up care for a safe return home

Throughout your stay, your registered nurse is always just a call button away. You'll reach nurses on their wireless phones—not a nurses' station—so they can respond sooner. Your surgeon can also contact your nurse directly, leading to more timely communication among your orthopedic team and faster care for you.

Medication Safety & Pharmacy Services

You'll receive medications, such as pain relievers (non-narcotic and narcotic, if needed), to improve your recovery. To help keep you safe, we use bedside medication barcoding to ensure you receive the right dose at the right time. Your care team will also teach you how to take your prescriptions correctly, safely, and effectively before you go home.

Comfortable Patient Rooms

Recovery is easier when you feel relaxed. That's why your large hospital room on the orthopedic unit includes:

  • Entertainment center
  • Large, private bathroom that's fully accessible, meaning it's designed to be easier for people recovering from joint replacement to use
  • Lift system to help you get safely out of bed
  • Seats for visitors and a sofa bed for an overnight guest
  • Plenty of storage space for your and your loved ones' belongings
  • Window that lets nurses in the hallway check on you without having to enter your room and disturb you, especially if you're sleeping
  • Pass-through system that lets housekeepers stock your room and allows pharmacists to deliver medication without entering

During your time here, enjoy free WiFi and a nutrition center with snacks and juice for you and coffee for your guests.

Convenient Parking

Your visitors will appreciate free parking in any of our garages, including the silver garage that lets them walk directly into your hospital unit.

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Call (425) 899-4810 in Kirkland or (360) 794-3300 in Monroe to make an appointment with one of our fellowship-trained surgeons.

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