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MAKO Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology

The MAKO total knee replacement uses robotic technology that helps surgeons place your new joint more accurately than traditional surgery and allows them to achieve the highest degree of muscular and soft-tissue alignment.

The MAKO technology provides a previously unattainable level of precision by removing the "shake" of a human hand, which is usually undetectable.

With the MAKO Robot, you'll experience:

  • A better and longer-performing implant
  • Restored natural range of motion
  • Less pain after surgery
  • Faster recovery

The incredible precision our surgeons achieve using this technology also significantly reduces the chance for future complications, infections, and the need for additional corrective surgeries.

The process begins with a CT scan of your joint, which is used to generate a 3D virtual model of your anatomy. The model is then uploaded to the MAKO system software and is used to create a pre-operative plan personally tailored to you.

Your doctor uses this model to evaluate your bone structure, disease severity, joint alignment and even the surrounding bone and tissue so they can determine the optimal size, placement, and alignment of your implant.

Your surgeon controls the MAKO robotic arm through the entire surgery, first using it to remove any diseased bone and cartilage before placing the implant.

Throughout your procedure, MAKO provides real-time data to your surgeon, allowing them to continuously assess the movement and tension of your new joint and make any needed adjustments.

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