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Computer-Assisted Navigation

Computer assistance is pivotal in your total joint replacement surgery, helping avoid setbacks like joint instability, limited range of motion or even leg length discrepancies.

Computer-assisted navigation technology is the most recent tool helping joint replacement surgeons:

  • Perform accurate bone cuts
  • Find the ideal size of your implant
  • Precisely position your new joint
  • Balance your ligament
  • Perfectly align the entire limb
  • Lower loss of blood
  • Achieve a significantly better outcome

These benefits improve the longevity of your implant as well as how well the new joint performs for you.

How It Works

Computer navigation provides your surgeon with real-time 3D images of your mapped joint and the surgical instruments during surgery.

The data for the images is provided by infrared sensors fixed to the bones around your joint and surgical instruments. Their position is tracked by an infrared camera placed above the surgical table, which is connected to a computer.

The computer generates real-time images to guide your surgeon as they precisely resurface and cut the bones of the joint and fix the implant.

While computer navigation doesn't replace the skills of an experienced orthopedic surgeon, its guidance helps your surgeon achieve the ultimate level of precision every step of the way.

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