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Types of Joint Replacement Surgery

Thanks to the latest advances in hip and knee replacement surgeries, you can get back to doing the things you love to do without joint pain.

New technologies using computer guidance, robotics, and minimally invasive techniques have led to smaller incisions, a quicker recovery and less pain after your surgery.

We use:


  • Greater precision
  • Less pain
  • Quicker recovery
  • Improved outcomes

No matter what type of joint replacement surgery you and your doctor decide on, you can be sure that EvergreenHealth will keep you informed and on the right path for you.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our joint replacement specialists are fellowship-trained and among the first surgeons to develop minimally invasive techniques.

These techniques, which use downsized surgical instruments and smaller incisions that lead to a faster recovery, a faster return to recreational activities and less pain, blood loss and scarring.

In addition to the smaller incisions and equipment, surgeons can also partner minimally invasive surgical techniques with the advantages of computer-assisted navigation and robotics to achieve the greatest level of precision possible.

Computer-Assisted Navigation

Using computer-assisted navigation during your surgery helps improve outcomes by optimizing alignment, the positioning and sizing of implants and minimize blood loss. This allows your surgeon to achieve greater precision, less pain, and give you a quicker recovery.

This technology helps EvergreenHealth surgeons perform accurate bone cuts, find the ideal size for your implant, achieve perfect alignment of your limb as well as so much more.

The navigation gives our surgeons real-time 3D images of your joint and the surgical tools during your procedure. The guidance of computer navigation helps you and your surgeon achieve a significantly better outcome than what was possible before.

MAKO Robotic-Assisted Technology

At EvergreenHealth, your joint replacement surgery can also be done using MAKO robotic technology that removed the "shake" of a human hand

Using the robotic arm, your surgeon can achieve the highest level of balance between your muscles and soft tissues like ligaments and tendons.

Your surgeon controls the arm through the entire operation with better outcomes including a longer-performing implant, less pain and a faster recovery. You are also even less likely to have future complications or need corrective surgeries.

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