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Joint Replacement Program

Your EvergreenHealth surgeon will refer you to the joint replacement program, which provides the information and support to get you ready for surgery and rehabilitation.

It includes:

Preoperative program

Before your surgery, our care team will help you prepare for surgery, recovery and rehab.

Learn more about the preoperative program

Surgery and postoperative care

Our care team will outline each step of the process for your surgery.

Learn more about surgery and postoperative care

Orthopedic recovery unit

Our lovely patient rooms and specially trained care team will get you on the road to recovery.

Learn more about recovery in the hospital

Follow-up care and rehab

Our team of physical therapists and home care specialists will design a rehab program that meets your goals and preferences.

Learn more about follow-up care and rehab

Keeping you safe

Because absolute patient safety is our top priority, we want you to know about how we keep you safe from medical errors during your surgery and hospital stay.

Anesthesia safety

Anesthesiologists at EvergreenHealth are dedicated to providing the most advanced, patient focused, safe anesthesia care available.

Learn more about anesthesia safety

Medication Safety

We have invested in the latest technology to help prevent medication errors.

Learn more about medication safety

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