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Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement

If you are considering joint replacement surgery, you've probably got a lot of questions. Am I too young for joint replacement surgery? How long before I can get back to work?

The good news is that with today's minimally invasive and computer-navigated joint replacement surgery, people are back on their feet sooner and their new joints are lasting longer.

This means joint replacement surgery is now a viable option for patients in their late 40s and early 50s who are tired of the pain and limitations caused by injury, arthritis or just wear and tear on their joints.

Why choose EvergreenHealth for your joint replacement?

You'll want both a surgeon and an operating room team who are experienced in the minimally invasive and computer-navigation techniques.

EvergreenHealth has been the area leader in minimally invasive joint replacement. In fact, our surgeons helped to develop many of the techniques and the miniaturized instruments used in the surgeries. We pride ourselves in the large percentage of our joint replacement surgeries that are performed using minimally invasive techniques.

The advantage of minimally invasive surgery for the patient is less pain, less blood loss, less scarring and less risk of infection, meaning a faster recovery.

Computer-navigation results in a better fit for your new joint, meaning it will last longer.

Hear from our expert surgeons

Learn more about our comprehensive program from some of our surgeons.


Dr. Camille Clinton

Learn how joint replacement at EvergreenHealth is tailored to each patient's unique situation.


Dr. Adam Rothenberg offers tips to help you know when it might be time to consider a hip or knee replacement.


Learn more about when to get joint replacement surgery in this podcast from orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adam Rothenberg:

EvergreenHealth's Joint Replacement Program

Our program provides joint replacement patients with the information and support to get you ready for surgery and rehabilitation.

It includes:

Preoperative Program

Before your surgery, our care team will help you prepare for both the surgery and recovery.

Surgery and Postoperative Care

While in the hospital, our care team will outline each step of the process for you and your family.

Orthopedic Recovery Unit

Our lovely patient rooms and specially trained care team will get you on the road to recovery.

Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation

Our team of physical therapists and home care specialists will design a rehab program that meets your goals and preferences.

Keeping you safe

Because absolute patient safety is our top priority, we thought you might want to know about how we keep you safe from medical errors:

Anesthesia Safety

Anesthesiologists at EvergreenHealth are dedicated to providing the most advanced, patient focused, safe anesthesia care available.

Medication Safety

We have invested in the latest technology to help prevent medication errors.

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