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Our collaborative group of orthopedic and sports medicine experts partner with women and everyone age 12 and up to reach your health, lifestyle and performance goals.

Whether you're a power-walking enthusiast or training for a marathon, your journey to enjoying your favorite activities with less pain and more mobility starts here.

Personalized Care That's Right for You

We listen to your needs, concerns and preferences to ensure you receive the right diagnosis and feel empowered by knowing all of the treatment options available to make the right decision for you – all with a compassionate expert by your side, every step of the way.

Comprehensive, Best-in-Class Services in One Place – Designed For All Activity Levels

In this podcast, Dr. Camille Clinton explains what an ACL injury is, how it might differ in females, and treatment options.

Combining comprehensive diagnostic, rehabilitation, minimally invasive and surgical care all under one roof—rest assured your physician will work with you to develop a personalized care plan that is designed for your best outcome.

No matter what level of physical activity you enjoy, our team specializes in caring for everyone from professional athletes to those simply looking to keep up with their kids or grandchildren—and everyone in between.

Meet Our Physicians

As three of the few fellowship-trained female orthopedists in the Pacific Northwest practicing at one of America's Top 50 Best Hospitals in the nation, our team listens with compassion and respect. We understand that every individual is unique, and your care should be, too.

Camille Clinton
Camille Clinton, MD
Adrielle Fry
Adrielle Fry, MD
Alison Stout
Alison Stout, DO

"She really listened to me and was so supportive..."

Sarah Del Degan

When Sarah Del Degan's son ruptured his ACL and MCL playing high school basketball, she was pleased to have been referred to Dr. Camille Clinton, one of the few female, fellowship-trained orthopedic and sports medicine physicians in the Pacific Northwest. Developing a care plan together, her son's injury fully healed (with surgery) – but it wasn't just the clinical outcome that impressed Sarah.

"The whole experience was positive all the way around. Dr. Clinton and everyone on staff were great," she said.

That's why a few years later, after a series of skiing injuries starting with a meniscus tear and ending with a ruptured ACL, Sarah found herself back in Dr. Clinton's office, this time as a patient herself.

"Whenever I went to see Dr. Clinton, she always asked me about my son, how he was doing, and was extremely kind and thoughtful. She really listened to me and was so supportive in helping me make the right decision for me. I am very active, biking, tennis, skiing… so to undergo surgery was a big deal and I was worried about the recovery time," said Sarah.

Prepped for ACL reconstruction surgery, Sarah was waiting in preop, ready to undergo surgery in minutes, when Dr. Clinton came in unexpectedly to check on her and make sure she wanted to move forward, one last time.

"I was surprised," said Sarah "usually surgeons are quick to want to operate, but Dr. Clinton really took the time to make sure it's what I wanted and was the best option for my long-term health and mobility."

"Everyone's body is different. Everyone has different lifestyle goals and activity levels. It's imperative to me that my patients are equal partners in making healthcare decisions. I want them to feel fully confident and comfortable before we move forward with treatment options. We're a team," said Dr. Clinton.

Not all patients with ACL tears need to have surgery said Dr. Clinton. Whether surgery if the best option for a patient depends on multiple factors such as other injuries including meniscus or additional ligament injuries to the knee, age, and activity profile/goals. Additionally, specifics of surgery, like graft choice, are also dependent on patients' unique characteristics, goals and preferences. Dr. Clinton takes the time to evaluate and understand these factors prior to deciding on the final treatment plan together, alongside her patients.

"Sarah is very active" said Dr. Clinton, "…the kinds of activities she enjoys, like hiking, skiing, tennis – are activities that require pivoting, twisting and lateral movements. Given her desire to return to activities without limitations and to resolve her instability symptoms, she decided to move forward with ACL surgery."

Today, Sarah is pain-free and recovering exceptionally well, planning skiing trips with friends and family, and getting back to the activities she loves.

"I felt completely seen, heard and understood throughout the whole process. I am so grateful for Dr. Clinton," she said.

"She was empathetic, professional and incredibly supportive."

blond woman smiling, holding an umbrella

Kirkland resident Tracy Kosa started experiencing pain in both of her knees in her early 30s. Though she was young, she dismissed the pain as a side-effect of inactivity throughout her 20s while she pursued several ambitious post-graduate degrees.

But even after getting into shape with a personal trainer by way of yoga, weightlifting and running, her pain persisted. When Kosa took a break from exercise, she still experienced excruciating knee pain that required daily doses of anti-inflammatory medication just to cope with her discomfort.

That's when Kosa decided it was time to consult her primary care doctor at a different health system, but she was met with the familiar feedback that she was simply too young to be experiencing anything serious.

After an unsuccessful visit, Kosa continued to work out with a personal trainer and focused on building knee strength – but her knee pain didn't improve. Then one day during a workout session, Kosa's knee finally gave out and her personal trainer insisted she see a specialist.

A series of diagnostic tests and X-rays eventually confirmed what her previous providers failed to diagnose – the cartilage beneath her kneecap had completely deteriorated, which is a common injury among younger, athletic individuals.

Kosa was soon referred to EvergreenHealth's Dr. Camille Clinton, a board certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and knee injuries, and she describes it as the "best thing ever." Finally, Kosa felt like she was being listened to and understood.

"During my first appointment, Dr. Clinton walked me through how knees work and the reason why physicians in the past likely missed my underlying knee issues. She was empathetic, professional and incredibly supportive. She spent time with me discussing the various treatment options that aligned with my preferences and needs," Kosa shared.

Together, Kosa and Dr. Clinton determined a care plan, which included injections, a laparoscopy procedure to remove bone spurs, physical therapy and lifestyle changes, like reducing high-impact sports and adding insoles to her shoes.

Kosa followed this care plan for four years before she and Dr. Clinton decided that it was time to pursue a partial knee replacement of her right knee in 2019. The surgery went so well that she decided to pursue a partial replacement for her other knee in 2021.

"The COVID-19 pandemic made things more challenging, and I had a lot of questions for Dr. Clinton before we pursued surgery. She provided me with every resource I needed to ease my concerns and she and her team were always available for questions by phone and email. We discussed pain management strategies in detail, so I knew what to expect and what options were available."

By the day of her surgery, Kosa was ready and optimistic about what life would be without pain. Surgery was a success and Kosa describes a positive experience with her post-operative team, as well. "Not only were providers calling to check in on me regularly, I also knew who I could reach out to with any questions as I recovered."

Today, Kosa is continuing her daily (modified) workouts without pain.

"Every single person at EvergreenHealth has been supportive, empathic and kind – which means a lot, especially during the pandemic. I'm so happy to be living without knee pain, but the only sad thing is that I truly miss the amazing people on my care team."

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