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Sophie Borthen

Diagnosis: Torn ACL

Treatment: Reconstructive Knee Surgery

Sophie Borthen’s life revolved around soccer..but an ACL tear during a game in October 2010 put everything in jeopardy.

Fortunately, EvergreenHealth would provide her with a new team to get her back on the field.

Recovery from a severe knee injury takes three things: a skilled surgeon, a highly motivated patient and a physical therapist who knows when to push and when to hold back.

Sophie’s surgeon, Dr. Pierce Scranton, had seen his share of ACL repair In his 18 years as team physician for the Seattle Seahawks.

“For any level of athlete, blowing out your knee is very serious,” he shares. “But for young high school athletes like Sophie, it can be devastating, because sports is their whole life, their circle of friends, their social network. It’s very important to give these young athletes their lives back.”

Dr. Scranton used minimally invasive surgery to repair Sophie’s torn ACL.

“Minimally invasive techniques not only mean the surgery is done in about an hour as an outpatient,” he explains, “but recovery and rehabilitation become a bit easier, as well.”

But not all minimally invasive surgeries are the same.

“There are at least 20 different techniques,” Dr. Scranton adds, “and it’s important that the surgeon be able to pick the correct technique for each individual patient’s needs. We have really good surgeons at EvergreenHealth who provide superior sports medicine care.”


The second key member of Sophie’s team was physical therapist Andy Dujenski from EvergreenHealth Rehabilitation Services.

“We started Sophie with a basic rehabilitation program to get things moving again after surgery,” he explains. “Then we transitioned her to a sports specific rehab – a program uniquely tailored to Sophie’s desire to return to the soccer field.”

Dujenski plays soccer, which gave him insight into some of the therapies she’d need to get back on the field.

As experts in human movement, Dujenski and the entire rehabilitation staff are able to break down the stages of any activity, whether it’s football, skiing, hiking or even gardening and design a rehabilitation program specific to that activity.

“A person’s activity, whatever it is, is important to them,” he says, “and we take it very seriously in working with them to get back to that.”

Sophie came to outpatient rehab two or three times a week at first, finally tapering off to a home program designed to not only get her back on the field, but to help prevent any problems down the road.


Thanks to EvergreenHealth’s surgical and rehabilitation expertise, and Sophie’s hard work, she was back on the soccer field just seven months after her injury.

“I’m back playing soccer just like before – no restrictions, no hindrances,” she says, smiling. “I'm lucky that I found such great folks to take care of me.”

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