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Christian Palacay

Diagnosis: Torn rotator cuff

Treatment: Arthroscopic surgery and rehab

Thriving at Home with Relief from Pain

Christian Palacay opts for surgery to return to doing things he loves.

New dad and Woodinville resident Christian Palacay has always led an active lifestyle.

Though he logs hours at his desk as a financial analyst for Boeing, the 38-year-old thrives on getting outside.

Whether it’s for a long-distance run, competitive cycling race, hike in the woods, or workout at his local CrossFit gym, staying in shape has always been a big part of his life.

And as a father of two, being able to keep up with a fast pace has become even more important.

So when some nagging discomfort around his left rotator cuff began to feel more pronounced over time, he took careful notice.


Determined to find the best orthopedic specialist for his needs, Christian delved into researching accredited hospitals and providers until he found Dr. Michael Codsi of EvergreenHealth Orthopedic & Sports Care.

“I was really impressed by how active in the community he is. Everything I could learn about him online - from patient testimonials and his own videos on the EvergreenHealth website - was enough to convince me that I needed to meet him in person,” Christian described.

Palacay’s instincts were right. During their first meeting, Dr. Codsi clearly understood Christian's concerns and mapped out recommendations that gave him plenty of options for treating a torn rotator cuff.

“Though injuries like Christian’s are fairly common, we understand the toll that living in pain can take on a person, and it’s our goal to provide support and care from their consultation all the way through rehabilitation,” Dr. Codsi explained.


Together, the two concluded that arthroscopic surgery was Christian's best option for regaining the strength and level of activity he desired.

Though the procedure itself is minimally invasive, recovery can take time - in Christian's case, about nine months.

“Treatment isn’t always a quick fix, but my job is to take the stress of the procedure off my patients, so all they need to focus on is getting better,” Dr. Codsi said.

Christian was diligent about his rehabilitation, but admits the process can be daunting.

“It can be frustrating when you’re not progressing as quickly as you’d hoped, or when you can’t do the things you could before surgery. But through it all, Dr. Codsi was my biggest supporter. His confidence in my recovery was the reassurance I needed.”

“He’s hands down the best surgeon I’ve ever worked with,” Christian said.

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