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Dupuytren's Contracture Treatment

Improve the movement of your fingers with EvergreenHealth's personalized care for Dupuytren's contracture. Our fellowship-trained hand surgeon will help you determine the right treatment for the thickened cord of tissue (fascia) under your palm that makes your finger stay bent. You may benefit from injections or one of two outpatient procedure options, all of which let you return home the same day as treatment.

Xiaflex® Injections

Xiaflex is medicine your doctor injects into your bent finger to break down the cord that makes it contract. You'll visit your doctor one to three days after the injection to check on your finger. If you still have the cord, your physician may give you a local anesthetic (numbing medicine) and then extend your finger to release the tissue.

See your doctor again a month later for a follow-up exam and, if needed, another injection.


Fasciotomy breaks the cord of thick fascia that makes your finger stay bent. Before the procedure, you receive a local anesthetic to prevent pain in your hand. Then, your surgeon makes an incision in your palm and divides the cord, but doesn't remove it.

Afterward, your care team will leave your wound open as it heals.

Limited Palmar Fasciectomy

In fasciectomy, your surgeon removes the thickened, contracted fascia. First, you'll receive anesthesia to prevent pain. Then, your surgeon will make an incision to access the fascia while avoiding nerves and blood vessels. Next, the surgeon carefully removes the thickened tissue so your finger can extend more normally.

In some cases, you might need a skin graft to help the wound heal. This involves taking healthy skin from another part of your body and using it to seal the hand wound. EvergreenHealth's fellowship-trained hand surgeon also has training in plastic surgery, so we'll help heal your wound while protecting your hand's look, feel, and function.

After Fasciotomy or Fasciectomy

You'll wear a splint to protect and stabilize your hand during recovery. Take advantage of specialized hand therapy at EvergreenHealth to help regain the use of your fingers.

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