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Carpal Tunnel Release

Relieve pain, numbness, and tingling in your fingers with care from a fellowship-trained hand surgeon at EvergreenHealth. We'll help restore the strength of your hand with the best procedure for your symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Endoscopic (Less Invasive) Surgery

Endoscopic, or arthroscopic, carpal tunnel surgery uses a very small incision, which leads to less pain, scarring, and recovery time. Your surgeon inserts a scope (thin tube with a light and camera) into your wrist. The camera shows the inside of your wrist in real time on a large monitor in the operating room.

Using a thin surgical tool, your doctor then cuts a band of tissue called the transverse carpal ligament. This eases pressure on the median nerve.

Open Carpal Tunnel Surgery

If you need open surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, your surgeon will make a larger incision at the base of the palm. This lets your doctor treat the transverse carpal ligament, which runs across your wrist. The surgeon divides the ligament to create more space in your wrist and relieve painful pressure. Your care team will then stitch up the incision and bandage your wrist.

What to Expect After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal tunnel surgery usually lasts less than 20 minutes. Afterward, your care team will put your wrist in a splint. You'll wear this for several weeks to protect the ligament and nerve as they heal.

See your surgeon six weeks after treatment to check on your wrist and discuss when your hand strength may return. Full recovery can take several months, depending on how healthy your nerve was before surgery. Take part in hand therapy at EvergreenHealth to learn how to safely do daily tasks as you recover.

Hand & Wrist Care

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