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Hand Treatment & Surgery

Expect personalized treatment for your hand, wrist, or finger condition at EvergreenHealth. You'll have access to a wide range of options, from conservative treatments through surgery. Count on our fellowship-trained hand surgeon for help understanding what's right for you, so you experience the relief you need.

Nonsurgical Care

Ask your hand surgeon about nonsurgical treatments that can help your hand heal and treat your symptoms. You may benefit from:

  • Cyst aspiration that uses a needle to drain fluid from a lump
  • Heat therapy to reduce pain and stiffness
  • Ice to decrease swelling
  • Injections of cortisone, a steroid that treats painful inflammation
  • Skin creams designed to ease pain
  • Splint, brace, or cast that stabilizes and protects an injured area

Hand Therapy

Hand therapy at EvergreenHealth helps you gradually improve your injury or chronic condition. With one-on-one guidance from a certified hand therapist, you'll learn how to:

  • Do daily activities safely and with less pain
  • Regain strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Restore sensation to a numb hand or fingers

Therapy also helps you recover after a surgical procedure.

Hand Surgery

If surgery is your best option, your hand surgeon will explain what to expect and take time to answer your questions, so you fully understand your care plan. Rely on us for excellent surgical treatment of many hand conditions. Take advantage of:

  • Carpal tunnel release – Eases painful pressure on a nerve in the wrist
  • Carpometacarpal (CMC) arthroplasty – Removes an arthritic basal joint at the base of the thumb and rebuilds it
  • Cyst excision – Removes a Ganglion cyst or mucous cyst from the skin
  • De Quervain's release – Relieves pressure and friction on the tendons at the thumb base, allowing them to glide freely
  • Dupuytren's contracture treatment – Uses Xiaflex® injections or a surgical procedure to straighten bent fingers
  • Fracture repair – Treats a broken finger, distal radius (wrist bone), or other bone by holding it in the right position so it can heal
  • Fusion – Joins bones together in a finger or wrist to prevent painful movement
  • Joint replacement – Exchanges an arthritic or damaged joint in the finger or wrist with an artificial joint that moves with less pain
  • Trigger finger release – Lets you flex or straighten your finger normally again

Least Invasive Approach for an Easier Recovery

Your hand surgeon will use the smallest possible incision so that you recover sooner, with less pain and scarring. Learn about wrist arthroscopy, a minimally invasive way to treat wrist conditions at EvergreenHealth.

Outpatient Hand Surgery

Your procedure will likely take place on an outpatient basis, either in the surgeon's office or one of EvergreenHealth's surgery locations. That means you can return home the same day, without an overnight stay in the hospital.

Follow-up Care

See your surgeon for several follow-up appointments after treatment. You'll talk about how your hand is healing and get answers to your questions. Trust the experience and expertise of EvergreenHealth hand and wrist specialists to help you receive the best long-term results from your care.

Hand & Wrist Care

Call (425) 899-4810 in Kirkland or (360) 794-3300 in Monroe to make an appointment with one of our Hand & Wrist Care specialists.

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