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Foot Disorders Surgery

To improve some foot conditions, such as hammer toe or flatfoot, your EvergreenHealth Foot and Ankle Care specialist may recommend surgical treatment.

Hammer Toe Surgery

Surgery straightens a rigid, painful hammer toe and treats open sores to relieve pressure and make you more comfortable.

Different types of procedures are available to treat hammer toes. Often, if you have a hammer toe, you may also have bunions or other foot problems to correct. Your surgeon will select the best procedure or combination of procedures based on:

  • How many toes need surgery
  • How badly your toes are bent
  • Other individual health factors

Ask your surgeon to explain your recommended treatment, which may involve:

  • Removing a portion of the toe joint
  • Realigning the toe
  • Fusing (joining) two bones together

Flatfoot Surgery

Your podiatrist may consider using surgery to treat your flatfoot (low arches) and any related problems, such as:

  • Bunions
  • Hammer toe
  • Heel and ankle that turns inward
  • Tight Achilles tendon
  • Toes that point outward

Depending on your symptoms, you may have one of the following flatfoot surgery options:

  • Lengthening your tendon
  • Moving a healthy tendon to replace a weak one
  • Realigning the foot bone (osteotomy)
  • Changing the structure of your foot by fusing joints into realignment (arthrodesis)

Recovery from Hammer Toe or Flatfoot Surgery

Your recovery time will vary based on the type of surgery or combination of procedures you have. Talk to your specialist about what to expect and how to prepare for and recover from foot or ankle surgery.

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Surgery Preparation & Recovery

Learn how to prepare for and recover from foot or ankle surgery.