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Bunion Surgery

If you've tried nonsurgical treatments for a bunion without pain relief, surgery may be the right treatment for you. Rely on an EvergreenHealth foot and ankle doctor to help treat and relieve bunion pain.

What's a Bunion?

Bunions, or hallux valgus, appear as a lump or bump that forms on the joint of your big toe. Most often, the cause of a bunion is an inherited foot type. A bunion develops slowly when bones in the front part of your foot move out of place. This movement puts pressure on your big toe, making it move toward your second toe and causing the joint to stick out.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Bunions get worse without treatment. If you have pain or your toe doesn't move normally, you should see an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist.

Your podiatrist will examine your foot and take X-rays to evaluate your bunion. After the assessment, your doctor will recommend a treatment plan that usually starts with nonsurgical care.


If surgery is your best option, trust your EvergreenHealth foot and ankle specialist to use the procedure that's best for you. The goal of bunion surgery is to reduce pain and correct your foot structure. Surgery can:

  • Correct soft tissue changes around your toe
  • Fix misaligned bone positions in your foot
  • Remove the bony bump and straighten your toe


Your recovery time will vary based on the type of surgery or combination of procedures you have. Talk to your doctor about what to expect, and learn how to prepare for and recover after foot or ankle surgery.

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Surgery Preparation & Recovery

Learn how to prepare for and recover from foot or ankle surgery.