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Broken Bone Repair

Broken bones (fractures) in the foot or ankle need treatment to heal correctly. If you have a severe break, you may need surgery at EvergreenHealth to repair your fractures.

Why You Need Surgery

Sometimes, nonsurgical treatments, such as casting to restrict movement, are not enough to fix a break and damage to the surrounding muscles. An orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon at EvergreenHealth can decide if you need surgical treatment after assessing your injury and viewing imaging test results.

Surgical Procedures

Your surgeon will determine which type of procedure is appropriate for your injury. Depending on your fracture, your surgery may:

  • Put your broken bone back into the correct position (reduction)
  • Realign multiple broken bones for proper healing
  • Hold the bones together with pins, screws, or plates


After surgery, your foot or ankle will be in a cast, splint, or boot to keep it still as it heals. During part or all of your recovery, you'll need to keep weight off your foot to protect it.

Healing a broken bone in your foot or ankle takes time. Recovery from a fracture repair typically takes six to 12 weeks. Ask your surgeon when you can return to your activities. Follow your doctor's instructions to achieve your best possible outcome and keep your bones in good shape over the long term.

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Surgery Preparation & Recovery

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