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Hospital Stroke Rehabilitation

The best way to get better after a stroke is to start rehabilitation as soon as possible.

EvergreenHealth Rehabilitation Services will partner with you while you're in the hospital to help you get back as much of your independence and quality of life as possible.

While You're Still In The Hospital

At EvergreenHealth Medical Center, stroke rehab begins in the hospital, as soon as you are medically stabilized.

Getting Upright

It starts by getting you upright—sitting in bed or in a chair, or standing.

This is key to preserving good lung function and preventing pneumonia, blood clots or infections.

Get Moving

Then it’s important to get you moving. When an area of the brain is affected by a stroke, the brain will try to re-route the functions controlled by that area, so the sooner you try to regain normal function the quicker that can happen.

If you're unable to move yourself, physical therapists will take you through range-of-motion exercises to help your brain start the process of re-routing signals.

Swallowing Issues

If you show signs of facial weakness, speech therapists will screen you for possible problems swallowing or chewing foods. They will also assess your ability to speak and process what is being said to you.

Safety Issues

Occupational therapists will talk to you and your family about safety issues, such as how to help you sit up or get out of bed.

Prevention of Future Strokes

Another key part of rehab is taking steps to prevent future strokes.

The rehab team, along with our neurology hospitalists, will educate you and your family about medications, risk factor management, diet and other lifestyle changes to prevent secondary strokes.

Acute Stroke Rehab

If you need additional time to stabilize your medical condition before you can be discharged home, you may be admitted to the Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU) at EvergreenHealth Medical Center.

The ARU provides 24/7 medical monitoring and intensive rehabilitation in a facility that simulates the home environment. This helps you return home with the training and confidence needed to handle daily activities such as dressing, washing and eating.

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Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

Once you've returned home, you will continue your therapy on an outpatient basis at EvergreenHealth Rehabilitation Services, which provides coordinated physical, occupational and speech therapy in one setting under the care of licensed therapists.

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