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Patient Stories

Our patients love to share how EvergreenHealth Neurological Care helps them live a full life. Read more about them!

From Rare to Recovery

Treatment: Complex neurosurgery

A rare tumor pushing on his spine could have meant paralysis for Blake Albertson. Read Blake's story.

Overcoming Obstacles with Optimism

Treatment: Spine surgery and rehab

After a near-fatal mountain biking accident, Mike McHenry defied the odds with a positive attitude and world-class care. Read Mike's story.

A Proactive Approach to Addressing Pain

Treatment: Rest, then exercise

Deborah DeYoung had success with physical therapy in the past, and it seemed to alleviate her back pain at first. However, when it returned even stronger, she sought help from her primary care provider who referred DeYoung to Dr. Alison Stout at EvergreenHealth Sport & Spine Care. Read Deborah's story.

Patient-Centered Care Brings Relief and Hope

Treatment: Injections to relieve pain

Kenny Alhadeff's life has been illuminated with rewarding opportunities to care for his community, but a decade of severe, chronic back pain threatened to dim the luster that surrounded the 66-year-old’s positive outlook.

Debbie Casteel

(multiple sclerosis) Debbie Casteel was just 26 years old she was diagnosed with MS. Over time, she stopped practicing her favorite hobby, painting, due to her unsteady movements and lack of energy.

Cindy Jacobson

(Parkinson's disease - clinical trials) After just a few weeks in a Parkinson's clinical trial, Cindy Jacobson noticed a dramatic difference in her ability to manage her symptoms.

Pat Erickson

(young-onset Parkinson's disease) Pat Erickson hasn’t let Parkinson’s disease slow her down. “I don’t have time to worry about Parkinson’s,” she shares, “and with the help of the EvergreenHealth Parkinson’s Care Center, I don’t have to.”

Sue Willard

(multiple sclerosis) Sue Willard has lived with multiple sclerosis for 30 years, but she hasn’t let that get in the way of the life she wants to lead. She and her husband grow grapes and raise a specialized small breed of cattle on their 50-acre farm in Snohomish.

Shelly Krishnamurty

(Parkinson's disease) Shelly Krishnamurty didn’t have a choice when it came to the diagnosis that changed her life. But she did have a choice when it came to living with it, thanks to the Booth Gardner Parkinson’s Care Center at EvergreenHealth.

Rocco Gianni

(restless legs syndrome) When Rocco Gianni started experiencing symptoms of restless legs syndrome (RLS), he had no idea what was causing the irresistible urge to move around. He just knew he wanted it to stop.

Diane Messing

(multiple sclerosis) Multiple sclerosis was increasingly affecting Diane Messing's mobility. “I needed to find a different kind of care,” she says, “because the care I was getting wasn’t taking me anywhere.” So she turned to the MS Center at EvergreenHealth.

George Greenhalgh

(stroke) When medics rushed 59-year-old George Greenhalgh into the Emergency Department at EvergreenHealth, his speech was slurred, he had numbness on his right side, and he was unable to recognize his family - all classic symptoms of a stroke.

Richard Montenegro

(stroke) Forty-seven-year-old Richard Montenegro’s life changed in the blink of an eye. A brain hemorrhage felled him as he was leaving work last March, and put him in a coma for two days. It left Montenegro in a wheelchair and unable to walk, speak or use his right arm.

Karyl Lee Olels

(back pain) Karyl Lee found relief for debilitating degenerative spondylolisthesis with minimally invasive spine surgery, assisted by computer navigation, at EvergreenHealth. Three months later, she was having fun at Disney World.

Howard Schultz

(neck and back pain) Cycling was a favorite leisure activity for the busy CEO of Starbucks until it began contributing to the debilitating pain in his neck and back. Thanks to interventional pain treatment at EvergreenHealth, Howard is back on his bike and loving every minute of it.

Nina Pulliam

(flat back syndrome) The chronic pain from flat back syndrome sapped Nina Pulliam of her energy. Spine surgery and follow-up physical therapy at EvergreenHealth was the answer.