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Neurological Patient Stories

Our patients love to share how EvergreenHealth Neurological Care helps them live a full life. Read more about them!

Debbie Casteel

Managing symptoms and embracing change

Debbie Casteel remembers how her whole life changed when diagnosed with MS. She now uses painting, along with holistic medical care, as a therapeutic release from living with MS. Read Debbie's story

Pat Erickson

"I don't have time to worry about Parkinson's"

With the help of the The Booth Gardner Parkinson's Center at EvergreenHealth, Pat Erickson hasn't let the disease slow her down. Read Pat's story

Sue Willard

"I've got other things to do than be sick."

Sue Willard has lived with multiple sclerosis for decades, but she hasn’t let that get in the way of the life she wants to lead. Read Sue's story

Shelly Krishanurty

"You have it; you have to deal with it."

As Shelly Krishnamurty's Parkinson's disease progressed, her doctor recommended deep brain stimulation to block her tremors and improve her quality of life. Read Shelly's story

Rocco Gianni

"I just knew that I wanted it to stop."

When Rocco Gianni started experiencing symptoms of restless legs syndrome (RLS), he had no idea what was causing the irresistible urge to move around. Read Rocco's story

Diane Messing

Helping others through clinical trials

In addition to leading edge services and innovative therapies, Diane Messing's participation in clinical trials will ultimately benefit others with MS. Read Diane's story

George Greenhalgh

"Just hours after my stroke, I was back to normal."

When George Greenhalgh suffered a stroke, he had two things on his side: a quick response by his family, and treatment by the experts at EvergreenHealth's Primary Stroke Center. Read George's story