What to Expect if You Are Admitted

Rehabilitation involves not only exercise but improving functional independence.

As part of your care plan at the ARU, you will practice daily living activities, such as: 

  • Getting dressed in your own clothes
  • Preparing and eating meals
  • Using orthotics and ambulatory devices
  • Social interaction with other patients

You will also get additional support, such as:

  • Group exercise therapy
  • Gait training and safety awareness
  • Cognitive training
  • Bowel and bladder programs
  • Swallow and speech programs
  • Family training and education

What to Bring to the ARU

Please bring items you would normally use at home.

Our goal is to incorporate personal preferences into your therapy and discharge planning.

Some items to consider bringing:

  • Five to seven changes of comfortable clothing
  • Sturdy, low-heeled shoes
  • Light jacket
  • Robe and nightclothes
  • Electric razor
  • Power wheelchair (if applicable)