After a procedure, your successful recovery depends mainly on you! Follow your instructions, work hard, smile often and know you’re well on your way to being able to enjoy the things you love most in life.

Following your procedure, you will receive a Spine Rehabilitation Binder filled with important guidelines, tools and resources for your care. Refer to your binder for full instructions. Some highlights:

Progressive Walking Program

A walking program is a key part of recovering from your back surgery. Regular walking will help you regain your strength and endurance, which you may have lost because of inactivity due to pain. Developing a regular walking routine should be a habit for the rest of your life to maintain a healthy back. Refer to your binder for instructions on proper footwear, breathing, pace, length of walks and goals.

Positioning Your Body

The way that you position your body after a back procedure is important. Your binder will share key positioning for sleeping on your back and side, rolling over in bed and getting into and out of bed.

Daily Exercises

Every procedure and treatment plan is different for each patient. Please refer to your binder to learn which exercises have been assigned to you. Be sure to do these exercises daily! The harder you work, the sooner you’ll be back to doing the things you enjoy most.

Daily exercises might include:

  • Shoulder Shrugs
  • Scapular Retraction
  • Ankle Pumps
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Heel Slides
  • Hip Abduction/Addiction
  • Knee Extensions
  • Fitness/Cardio

Daily Activities

In addition to daily exercises, your life is filled with daily activities! Your binder will provide instructions for best practices for sitting, standing, dressing, showering, brushing your teeth, lifting, getting in and out of the car and much more.

Home Safety & Assistance Devices and Resources

Before any procedure to alleviate back pain, you should prepare your home for your return. Prior to leaving the hospital you will be provided with a guide that will note ways to make your home “fall proof.” A representative will discuss “fall proofing” your home and any equipment or additional resources you may need to support your care during your recovery.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Your physician may also want you to participate in a physical therapy program. EvergreenHealth Physical Therapy is conveniently located on the second floor of the DeYoung Pavilion.

Enrollment in rehabilitation requires a written prescription from your physician requesting physical or occupational therapy services.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Rehabilitation Services at 425.899.1960.